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Selling Your Yacht

overhead of yacht docked in shallow water

Effective Yachts Sales

When you wish to sell your yacht, Lenton Yachts will act as your Central Agent (CA) to achieve a timely sale at the best price.
Our central sales agency program combines both new and traditional methods for marketing your yacht to the right audience.
We will actively promote your yacht to our direct clients and contacts, as well as to an extensive network of international
yacht brokers and agents.

There is no Substitute for Experience

Lenton Yachts Sales team has over one hundred years in combined yacht sales and over one thousand new and preowned yachts sold.
Over the years we have developed a proven and successful formula for selling yachts both locally and globally.
With the brokerage industry average sales process taking over one year Lenton Yachts has consistently reduced the time considerably.

There is no substitute for experience

docked yacht branded with lenton yachts sales collateral

Specialized Service

We can reduce your monthly yacht expenses significantly during the selling process. Providing unique services such as high visibility dockage in Fort Lauderdale the yachting capital of the world. Complete crew services and monthly maintenance.
Lenton Yachts Boat Show displays. Showcasing your yacht at the Fort Lauderdale Miami or Palm Beach Boat Shows.
Everything to sell your yacht in the shortest amount of time returning the maximum on your investment.